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The Tiny Tome of Two-Word Tales

The Tiny Tome of Two-Word Tales

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A single word is constrained by its definitions. Three words make a sentence. 


But... two words? One can fit a whole world into two words.


Introducing: The Tiny Tome of Two-Word Tales by Tobie DePauw


I've been collecting doublets for years. Coupling two words to work together or in contrast is very satisfying to me. The Tiny Tome of Two-Word Tales is the first compilation of TWT's for public consumption. This first collection contains  ~70 word pairings to incite ideas, emotions, giggles and gab. It's worth noting that a number of them also feature words that will not be found in any dicitonary (yet), but are just piles of letters that are delightful to say.


I'm a social creature, so I invited a few brilliant and talented friends and harangued one of my kiddos to contribute illustrations for some of the tales. 



The Standard Edition is navy blue with copper ink. Edition of 50.

The Collector's Edition features a custom slipcase with copper ink and letterpress TWT Word Search. Edition of 20 signed & numbered copies.



Introduction & Instructions by Tobie DePauw

Prologue by Mark Sirek

Preface by Levi Teal



TWT llustrations by:

Jay Ryan

Casey Robertson

Michael McGovern

Luke Young

Lily DePauw

Mason DePauw

Levi Teal



100lb French Paper slipcover with tTToTWT word search

100lb French Paper cover

60lb Cougar Natural pages


Printed on a Vandercook #4 and Golding Pearl #3 presses in Middleton, WI by Mordecai Book Building.


Thank you.