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Shimmering Skull Guys

Shimmering Skull Guys


These new skully guys are something else, with two-color foil pressed covers that give them a delicious pop. 


Why skulls? 


Skulls, being dead and all, generally invoke thoughts of death or decay, but I delight in dwelling on the opposite. Skulls always seem to be smiling. We’ll all die someday, but we’re alive today. Our skulls are right here, holding our brains and eyeballs, doing their job. And when their job is done, these same skulls might be all that’s left of us, without flesh, without guise, smiling ever after. 


3.5”x5” books with ~48pages each. 


110lb covers. 


Available in Kraft Brown/Pink Skulls or Deep Slate/Teal Holo Skulls.