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FAQ on Bible repair

Q. Can you fix it?

Usually I can! Most of the time, the best course of action is building a new cover for it, but if the cover is in good shape, I can put it back together.

Q. What does that generally cost?

Repairs usually start around $50-60.

Recases (new covers) usually range from $65-300 depending on the details.

Q. What kind of details?


Extent of repair

Cover Material (paper, cloth, leather)

Stamped information (words on the cover/spine)

Timeline (You can pay for rush service)

Q. What if I just have a few pages coming out?

Then there's a good chance more are going to fall out soon. That is very common with well-used modern perfect-bound Bibles which are glued, not sewn, together. The glue starts to fatigue and crack and then pages start falling out. I usually have to tear out all the pages and glue them back together.

This is not necessarily the case if the first or last pages are falling out - especially if they're next to the glossy map pages. The maps need to go - the glue used on the pages doesn't adhere as well to the glossy map pages. It's ok, the internet has all the maps you need.

Q. How do we get started?

If you want to secure a spot in my schedule, the best way to get started is to place a deposit.

If you'd like a quote before placing a deposit, send me an email with pictures of your Bible and I can get back to you quickly.

Q. Then what?

Then you can send/deliver your Bible my way and I'll get cracking. My turnaround is usually 3-4 weeks, but for an additional $60, I can get it back to you within seven days (if all materials are immediately available).

Once the Bible is ready, I will invoice you for the remainder and send it back.

Q. Does this apply to books other than Bibles?

You betcha. Bibles are the most commonly repaired/maintained book in my experience, but the process is the same regardless.

Q. Do you have examples of the work you've done?

Thank you for asking. Here are a few I've done recently (not all Bibles).

More samples are available upon request.

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