OK, this is a special one. 


My three kiddos (Lily 14, Mason 13 and Sage 8) are all wonderfully creative in various ways, so I asked them to draw something for us to print on letterpress for book covers. We created plates from their drawings and built some books. 


They are getting 100% of the sales of their books (to be spent and saved wisely). 


In order of appearance (on earth), we have: 


Lily's Eyes

Mason's Dudeasaurus 

Sage's Sloth


These are 3.5x5" books with ~60 blank pages inside. 


This is the first run, but we will print and build more as demand... uh... demands. 

So order away! If we run out, we'll reach out and give you an ETA for the next batch. 


Thank you! 



The MordeKids Collection