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Story time. 


At some point in my random book acquistions, I came to own a very distressed book with no spine, no title on the cover and essentially no binding holding it together. Upon opening the "book", I discovered it was a handwritten ledger of accounts for what I think was a lumberyard... in Boston... in 1834. It was meticulously written by the same hand for the entirety of the book and documents sales of wood over the course of 1834-35. 


It is beautiful. 


And it is worthless. 


Every single page is a work of art in terms of handwriting, but the purpose of the content is now meaningless. But it's irreplaceable! But it's wood sales... 

You see the conundrum?!  So... I'm giving these stunning pages a new life as book covers. 


The 1834 Bundle is a three pack of nesting books: (1) 5x7, (1) 3.5x5 and (1) 2x3 book. The largest and smallest feature the 1834 cover and the middle one is plain kraft cardstock. The bundle strap is repurposed scrap from the bindery. 


I know I say all my books are neat, but these books are really really neat. 

I hope you agree. 


The 1834 Bundle