In keeping with my general theme of bringing people back to paper, I whipped up an edition of Riding Ledgers so all by cycling friends could have a neat place to record their mileage. 


Sure sure sure - we have technology for that... yes, I know. My full-time real job is with Ride Spot... A RIDE RECORDING APP, so that makes these even more fun for me.


Even if you use an app to track your rides, let me encourage you to consider a Riding Ledger as well. Why? Because it feels good to write it down and keep track in a physical manner. At the end of the year, you have an actual object - a factual relic of your accomplishments. 


Each page is lined with fields for date, distance and details from your ride (weather, bike, road scores, etc). At the bottom of each page is an area for general notes, too (ie: "remember - the bib short straps go under the jersey). 


The last page is a tally to rack up your riding by month to capture your entire year on one page. A year from now , anyone who sends me a snap of their 2021 mileage on this page will get a goodie box in the mail. 


Size: 3.5x5"


Available in three colors: 

Brick/Metallic Red




To buy a three pack for $21, use the coupon code THREEPLEASE at checkout.


Thank you. 

Riding Ledgers