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Who wants to start a letterpress shop?

I have a number of items that I need to sell very soon. If anyone wants to start a letterpress shop, this would be a very economical way to begin!


This Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 Letterpress needs a new home! It's been well used, but it still works once you learn its quirks. It's available in Milwaukee, WI. It wasn't a high volume press, but was used mostly for die-cutting, perforating and some numbering.

Rollers are almost new. Comes with two chases, assorted Heidelberg tools, and the manual.

$1000 o.b.o.

It needs to be moved by the end of 2023.


I have three cabinets and accoutrements that I need to move as well. They have been in a garage sitting unused for 30 years, so they're a little grungy, but they're in good shape.

Two of the three are Hamilton cabinets and they have a typesetting table on top with a stocked array of leading. All cases have type in them and many of the fonts have multiple sizes from 6-14pt. Fonts include Bernard Gothic 8-14, Stymie light/bold/italic 24pt, Gothic, Spartan, Phenix, Engravers, Copperplate Gothic and more.

The third case is a slight smaller case, but is also full of type, mostly smaller type under 18pt.

$1000 o.b.o

There is also enough ink to get a shop started. Plenty of colors.

Ink is $200 for the lot or free with the Heidelberg!

Please contact me asap if you're interested!

Thank you.

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